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Day 5: Healing and Transforming Trauma, Depression, Anxiety and Stress into Emotional Well-Being

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Day 5 Summary

Most of us have experienced a physical trauma at some point in our lives that has led to ongoing emotional pain. Qigong teaches us that this pain causes energy blockages which prevent us from healing. And while you can’t change the past, you can unblock this stuck emotional energy that causes depression and anxiety.

In this class learn how to work with the body’s Five Organ System to transform emotional pain into a state of wellbeing. Did you know that because the kidneys govern water regulation, growth and development and overall vitality, they are associated with being the source of Qi energy? Or that the digestive system is directly affected if we don’t properly process information that comes to us from our external environment? Master Mingtong Gu teaches us how we can access our intelligent energy systems through breath, sound and touch to release pain and discomfort.

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